Tray Gourmet was fortunate to have created a hugely successful relationship with our fabulous local hospital the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital Trust over the last 19 years. Two main ingredients make this hospital one of the best in the country: a very human and professional management team which have lead and promoted a very professional but extraordinary quality of dedicated staff.

Tray Gourmet was able to delivery catering on a daily basis for breakfast meetings, coffee breaks, working lunches or tea break. Tray Gourmet has also been able to create a delivery service to mainly staff for the areas of the hospital where the staff has no time to change and get food from outside.  So since April 2016 we have a trolley service going around A&E, Treatment Center, Maternity and Labour ward, Intensive Care Unit, Burns Unit, Theaters and Acute Assessment Unit, every week day around lunch time.

All of this is now under the umbrella of B Bagel Bakery.  Check their website here.

To place a catering order download this file [NHS-TG_BB-Catering Order-1804] – fill it up, keep a copy and send it to … B Bagel will do the rest.


Tray Gourmet no longer do any French Catering but I will be happy to recommend caterer I have been working with over the years.  Just send me an email