Retiring slowly….. but keeping some part rolling

I created Tray Gourmet 26 years ago…. and we open our ~French Delicatessen in November 1998…. 19 years…

It was time to start thinking of slowing down…. so, in August 2017,  I sold the shop and moved part of our business with an up coming company B Bagel so the addition of the best baguettes sandwiches and the best bagels is making a huge positive impact on the area…..

I have also kept the importation of the Award Winning Foie Gras from Laguilhon that you can find on our electronic shop at .

But I have unfortunately stopped all outside catering some will be taken over by B Bagel check their website.

Thanks you for having been our loyal customers for the past 26 years and may be see you around the B Bagel shop or the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital….

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