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Tray Gourmet

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London SW10 9NA

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Dear Friends,

I am sad to say, it’s:                                    MERCI et AU REVOIR!

I have been a caterer for nearly 26 years and a shopkeeper for 19 years.

Unfortunately, strong competition from larger brands who have invaded our shores and higher management costs (Salaries, Exchange Rates, Business Rate) have hit us in the past few years to such a degree that it is no longer a viable activity for a lone wolf.

I have made the decision to sale the shop to a new company and will cease our catering and our deli activities by the week of the 14th of July…  Independence Day!!!

It has been a privilege to meet so many people through our shop and Sonia & I have made some very good friends on the way.

I would like to take this opportunity to Thanks all the staff how has come and gone over the years and my family without whom I would not have survived that long. They have been amazing.

You may still catch me around the area as Tray Gourmet will continue to just deliver to the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. We could not leave this fabulous relationship we have created over the years. I am very humbled to have served so many at ChelWest and have met tremendous people working in THE best London hospital.

We will continue our Daily trolley run and serve your meetings as we have done over the past 19 years. Keep up the fantastic work you do so well.

To place your order please go there.

The shop will close on Friday 14th of July and will re-open in September 2017, with a new independant operator


So, for now, it’s:                                       MERCI, AU REVOIR et A BIENTÔT !

Nicolas Dreyfus

Do bear in mind:

Buy from  small independents they will be giving you a lot more for your money and cheap never is a good bargain!